Monday, May 27, 2013

27 weeks...

I know, I know, we are total slackers and missed the bump photo again.  I type this sentence with wet hair and pj's as I get ready for bed so I super duper promise that we will take one this week.  I guess that will give you a really good comparison from 24 weeks to 28 weeks!

how far along? 27 weeks and 6 days.

size of baby? the size of a rutabaga (what the hell is that?!) about 15 inches long from (head to toe) and a little over 2 pounds! 

heartbeat? my last ultrasound read 153 bpm

total weight gain/loss? I think I'm about 18 total. Had my 3 hour glucose test...never got a call from my doctor so I'm assuming that's good!

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes.  

stretch marks? nope.

rings on/off? off and I miss them a lot! (tried them on yesterday and I couldn't even get them past my knuckle...they do fit my pinky now tho!)

innie or outtie? poking out just a tiny little bit on top; I will definitely be an outtie in the next few weeks.

sleep? sleeping okay...switching sides throughout the night but not too bad, getting up to pee and wearing no covers at all...ricky thinks it's funny how hot I get at night! :)

best moment this week? scheduling our housing counseling appointment, doing some walk-thru's of properties and getting ready to buy a house! so excited!

movement? moving around all the time..especially right after meals or any snacks.

food cravings? sticking with ice cold milk and my go-to decaf iced tea with no sugar...yummy! corn on the cob has been a favorite lately too!

gender? IT'S A BOY!

how are you feeling? always hot, pretty irritable (i won't lie) and sarcastically enjoying these crazy hormones.  Other than that, loving the feeling of Eric moving around, love being pregnant and feeling so connected to him and loving my super supportive, understanding and patient husband. :)

what i miss: Mainly just sleeping on my stomach, ketchup and spaghetti and meatballs.

what i'm looking forward to: ready to buy a house, start the nursery, go home again, meet Eric and be parents!


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