Monday, January 28, 2013

10 weeks (and 6 days)...

Look at that baby bump! Ahh! It's getting bigger everyday, therefore, making clothes tighter everyday!

This week was very exciting, to say the least! We had our first ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat! 2.8 cm and 180 beats per minute! The little bugger is growing and doing it fast and strong!

Mama has a bit of a cold and since the world decided to stop making medicines that are safe for pregnant women, hot tea, honey and my vaporizer have been my saviors!

I follow a blog of a woman down south that has some great DIY home projects and guess what?! She's pregnant too! Only about 2 weeks ahead of me! She has a cute little blurb each week that asks questions that I can answer each week to keep everyone up to date rather than trying to come up with some cute anecdote about pregnancy.  So I'll start that in this post!

how far along? 10 weeks and 6 days today!

how are you measuring? the ultrasound was done to determine a for-sure due date and sure enough, it's still August 20! So right on schedule!

size of baby? my book says about the size of a prune.  the ultrasound read 2.8 cm so a little over an inch! So cool!

heartbeat? 180 bpm...everything thinks it's a girl because of the high heart rate...we will find out soon! (i think it's a boy! ;)

total weight gain/loss? ha! didn't lose anything! but i did pack on about 5 pounds so far.  i eat constantly cuz baby says so! but no worries, it's all healthy food!

maternity clothes? oh yeah, for quite a while now.  i need new ones already cuz all the pants are too tight.  my belly band is way too small now so i wear a lot of long shirts.  the shirts are still fitting me but the pants are troublesome! shopping trip!

stretch marks? nope.  and cocoa butter is already awesome!

sleep? haha! this one is funny...since i have a cold, sleep has been crappy.  but also, since we have a new "heavenly" mattress (as Ricky likes to call it), he sleeps great and takes up half the bed and snores, so i toss and turn a lot.  hopefully the preggo pillow will be our next purchase and i'll sleep better.

best moment this week? definitely the ultrasound! seeing that little thing move around and wiggle and hearing its heartbeat were so surreal and amazing.  i can't wait to meet him/her and tell them all about how cute they were even in the womb!!

movement? does gas count? ;) jk!

food cravings? i like granola bars and hot tea right now.  an occasional marshmallow filled donut is tasty, too! ;)

gender predictions? everyone thinks it's a girl, but i'm still stuck on boy right now.

how are you feeling? besides the cold and sore throat, not too shabby! nausea is basically null and void.  i'm feeling heavier these past few days and my belly feels jiggly when i walk.  but otherwise, great!  so far, i love being pregnant!

what i miss: mainly just good sleep.  everything else is just a perk!

what i'm looking forward to: 2nd trimester, more energy, finding out the gender, meeting the baby (i know, it's not for quite some time, but I can't wait!), and going home to show everyone "the bump"!

Well, until next time, enjoy staring at the baby (like i do!)!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Couple of Weeks Must-Haves

I learned very quickly what works best for my body at this point in time.  The list below is just a few of the things that have made for some more comfortable days and nights in the last few weeks.

1.  Lemonheads: These little puppies have been taking away my nausea for the past week or so.  These are the tastiest but basically any hard lemon candy works.  So thank you, Lemonheads, for being there for my queasy belly! :)

2.  My trusty body pillows: I currently have two and am taking up about 3/4 of the bed {sorry, Ricky}.  They give me the back support I need and keep me on my side besides rolling onto my back or onto my growing belly.  We might be investing in a boppy body pillow.  Those things are freakin' huge! But they sure do look comfy!

3.  Good Ol' H2O: I invested in a nice water bottle to take to work with me and fill up as I drink gallons of water a day.  Not only is this pretty much a requirement for preggers, but it takes away some of the nausea too.  Just a swig after a wave is all it takes.  Of course, this leads me to the ladies' room about 52 times a day, but it's all for the lil' one! :)

4.  The BeBand: I love this thing!!!!  I bought this right after Christmas and it has saved my life.  None of my clothes fit me anymore so this little thing covers up my unbuttoned pants and lets me breathe.  {Update: I have since grown larger and require low-waist maternity pants, which are crazy comfy!}.  BeBand is a great investment for those early weeks when clothes start getting a little too tight!

5.  Saltines: I ate a whole box of these things in a week when nausea was pretty bad.  They're a great snack too even if there is no nausea.  I'm sure every preggers out there would put this on their must-have list.  Cute story about saltines: We were leaving my first OB appointment and on the elevator a guy with his wife asked if I was pregnant.  When I said yes, he said he could tell from the saltines and bottle of water in my arms. His wife is 16 weeks and saltines are still her vice.  I hope that isn't me at 16 weeks...

So these are the must-haves of the first couple of weeks.  I still use all of these {the BeBand is kinda out now that I'm bigger} and I will probably use them throughout the pregnancy.  Thankfully, nausea is pretty much gone now with the exception of a wave or two if I'm hungry or smell something putrid.  Maybe I'll have Ricky do a Preggers' Husband must-have list.  I'm sure his would be entertaining.  I do know he is thankful for the alone time he gets between 8 pm and his bedtime.  I'm out like a light around 8 almost every night.

We ordered our mattress yesterday and it is due to arrive today so tonight's sleep should be GLORIOUS!!!  I'll let you know!

That's all for now.  See you next time!


Monday, January 7, 2013

First OB Appointment!

Today was our first OB appointment with Dr. H.  Everything went really well!  The PA tried to hear for a heartbeat with the Doppler but it was too early yet.

Doc gave me a "in pencil" due date of August 20, 2013 and ordered an ultrasound for the 21st to determine the "true" due date since I had some irregularity in my cycles the last few months.

I'm waiting for the ultrasound to post my "baby bump project" debut but here is a baby bump anyway {since I'm showing already and I wore a good shirt for it today!}.

I started a scrapbook today to record pictures and journey milestones along the way too.  It will probably be showcased in the nursery somehow.

Ricky and I are very excited and so glad our first appointment went so well!  Nausea is starting to subside and I'm still tired but not too bad.  All in all, pregnancy is being good to me so far!

Stay tuned for some "first couple of weeks must-haves".  I have quite a few and you'd be surprised what they turn out to be!