Friday, July 25, 2014

Eric's first trip to the "beach"...

So it's not Nags Head or Tampa, but it still has sand, water and waves.  We were invited by a dear friend to go to the nearby state park that has a beach area.  Ricky and I have been there with the dogs in the off-season and to picnic but never went swimming or "beached".  So Eric and I went today with my friend, Brandi and her little one and we had a blast.  I couldn't take many photos because it was just me and I didn't want to get my phone wet or sandy, but I did snap two.  He loved the water, the sand and crawling around.  We truly have a beach bum on our hands!

I guess the sand was tasty!
Thanks Brandi, we're sure to take this trip again! And soon!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eric is 10 months!

Ok, not really. He's actually 3 days past 11 months, but, yet again, we are slackers and forgot to take his 10 month photo until he turned 11 months.  Go figure! We are busy people and busy people are allowed to forget things once in a while.  So here goes:

 Our little baby has turned into our little boy right before our eyes! Look how handsome he is!!

{weight}: at 10 months, I think he was between 21 and 22 lbs.

{length}: not 100% sure on this one but definitely over 30 inches, this kid is growing!

he enjoys crawling under the coffee table, so it has since been removed to help mommy from worrying!


He is actually playing with things and trying to figure things out.  He knows that the TV remote makes the TV do things so he'll pick it up and hold it up to it, but he hasn't figured out that the buttons do the work.  It's so cute!  He dances to music and loves a specific song on his baby einstein videos and will dance to it every time!  His joint attention is out of this world (leave it to me to pay attention to that kind of stuff)! He wants to share everything and every moment with us and we love it!
he loves his tent!

he has quite a sense of humor!

give a kid a cardboard box and he'll be happy for hours!

using his teddy bear as a pillow (he does this with his blankies also)
This kid eats everything! I am still cautious with his solids because he doesn't have any molars yet, but he will try pretty much anything (except for peas, still).  He still loves waffles and sweet potatoes!
big kid at the mall playground
 {Baby gibberish}:
This little man never shuts up! He always has something to say and we can't wait to hear the human translation once he gets real words.  He knows who mama and dada are and I'm trying to teach him baba to request a bottle.  So far, he's good with his own little language and telling us how it is!  It's just too cute!  He even pairs expressions and gestures with his words!

i love this shot!
Yes, he can walk! More like take strolls around the house.  He's been walking since about 10 and a half months and he is doing great! He prefers to walk over crawling and is so proud of himself!

having fun at barnes and noble
So Eric already turned 11 months, but I will be doing a post for that with a photo so stick around!  His first birthday is right around the corner!!