Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eric is 5 months old!

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway mark with this little's going way too fast!

We are loving every minute and he is just baffling us every day.  He is doing new things all the time and it is amazing to watch!

{This photo was taken at 5.5 months old}

Look at the beautiful smile! Such a happy baby!

{weight}: 18 lbs. 2 oz. (checked at a doctor's appointment for RSV; i'll explain further down below)

{height}: somewhere around 29-30 inches...didn't get a precise measurement this month.

Some milestones this month:

{first big sick}:
Eric was diagnosed with RSV on his 5th month birthday.  We had some suspicions and a late night trip to Patient First and the ER confirmed it.  But he was such a trooper! Such a happy baby the whole time even with the coughing and vomiting.  He pulled through in about a week and was back to normal right away!
Waiting at the doctor's...sick as a dog, but happy as a puppy!
pleasant as ever...
{sitting up}:
Eric is able to sit up all by himself now.  He is still a little wobbly, but he can do it! He's so strong and very proud of himself!

Trying to climb out of the bathtub!

i just love this photo...

{eating cereal}:
So we started cereal (rice cereal) during 4 months, but we are in full swing with it now.  He loves it and he's very good at eating it.  Twice a day now, too!
First bite...

not sure what to think yet...

it's tasty...I'll take some more!

so precious...

I love that expression!

{rolling over}:
He is a pro at this one! He rolls over all the time and loves it.  He is so proud of himself and he gives a big smile when he does it.  He rolls over at night time too and sometimes when he wakes up, he's on his belly.  He is just too cute!
He makes his way around the crib in his sleep...
Wrestling santa...

such a happy little guy!

6 months is going to be a big one...We're so excited!