Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eric is 3 months old!

This month has been the hardest so far.  Mainly for mama, but Eric did a good bit of growing up this month!  I went back to work at the end of October and I'm still struggling with it.  I knew it would be hard, but there are some days that I just cry and cry.  But I'm getting better {I think}.

No doctor's appointment this month, so I took the measurements myself and boy is he ever growing! I feel like every day he gets bigger and bigger!

I could stare at that smile all day...

He has changed so much! He's getting so big!

Enjoy some of this month's paparazzi shots!

{Weight}: 15.2 lbs.

{Length}: 25.5 inches

{Sitting up}:
This month, Eric gained tons of strength in his neck and back.  He is able to pull himself up to a sitting position with our help and even will extend his legs to stand up with our help! He's so strong and I'm so proud of him!
I love his expressions!
Happy 3 month birthday!

Boy, does this kid talk up a storm! The giggles, laughs and shrieks are my favorite, but he will talk your ear off with some pretty cool sounds!

Can sit up in his Bumbo!

{Eating his hands}:
His hands are his favorite snack these days and anytime they are in his mouth, the droll is flowing!  Blowing bubbles is a great skill he has caught on to as well!
First day with Miss Cindy!

His first Halloween!

{Bath time}:
Bath time is officially our favorite time of the day! For mommy, daddy and Eric…it's a nice quiet family time (most of the time) where we get to wind down and be relaxed.  Eric loves to splash and chill out in the tub.  And he's almost too big for the tub we use in the kitchen sink! Mr. LongLegs is growing out of everything!

He's really good at holding it himself!

Silly guy!

love those cheeks...

{Super wardrobe}:
So he fit into 3 months clothes early on, but now 0-3 months is totally out and 3 months is getting there.  3-6 months fits best right now, so I see me pulling out the 6 months very soon!

See you next month! We're excited for Christmas and seeing the whole family!! It will be Eric's first super long car ride, so wish us luck!