Saturday, May 23, 2015

i know, i know...

Yikes! It's been entirely too long since I've posted!

But I'm pretty sure I have the best excuse possible!

This guy right here! 

He keeps us on our toes at all times and is amazing, inspiring, astounding and running us ragged every day! (jk, love him too much!)

He is growing up so fast and just turned 21 months the other day.  I know, I can't believe it either.  My little baby is almost 2!!!!!

This kid never shuts up and has gotten himself quite a sense of humor and imagination.  It never fails that you will find him playing in his kitchen cooking up something seriously yummy.  Or showing off a new dance move.  Or telling you a story about the coolest "aypain" (airplane) he ever did see.  He loves "joo", "keem", "teetee's", and most definitely "lahleeolli's" (juice, cream, cookies and ravioli's). He is quite the picky eater but definitely will eat you out of house and home.  He loves the backyard hose and could play out there for hours if we let him.  He rides his scooter all through the house, takes care of his "beebee" and even vacuums the floors!

Eric Scott, you truly are amazing and I love watching you learn new things every day!

I love you so much it hurts!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine's Day is the day you are with the ones you love.  Well, I love a lot of people, but these two I love the mostest.  What a fun day together! We had a "love lunch" at Friday's and then walked the mall and went home to snuggle while watching the crazy snow fall and blow around.

I love you Ricky!
I love you Eric!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I will call you Squishy and you will be mine...

I can't get over how much Eric is growing up.  He just over 17 months old and time is flying by.  New words come out of his mouth every day.  He is a climbing machine and his sweet giggles get me every time.

As much as I love watching him grow up and reach milestone after milestone, I miss my tiny little Squishy.

It's hard to believe that just 17 months ago, he was brand new and so tiny.  Ok, well not SOO tiny, but definitely tinier than now :).

I guess this is the part where I tell you that baby fever has set in and I'm finally ready to say that number 2 is a definite possibility.  Not a question in my mind (or hubby's).  Some big changes are happening for us in the upcoming months (you'll hear about that in a later post) and number 2 is definitely in the cards.  No, I'm not pregnant, but definitely saying yes, number 2 is in the cards.

I love staring at pictures of Eric on my phone, and I'm sure you enjoy the occasional Eric-paparazzi, so here ya go!

Enjoy! And try to stay warm/dry in this Maryland Winter mess.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

There went 14 goes 15 months!

Sorry, 14 months flew right over my head and here we are at 15 months!  Eric just had his 15 month checkup and shots yesterday so I thought it would be a good time for an update and some photos!

He is still thriving (gosh, I love that word!): 24 lbs. and almost 33 inches tall (maybe even taller, he was wiggly).  Big old head still at 50 cm circumference!  And he is developing right on time, even a little ahead!

The little guy is running rampant (literally) through the house and chatting up a storm.  It may sound like Chinese to us, but he talks to us as if he is speaking the most eloquent English there is.  It's so precious.

He is all about doing what we do and trying to say what we say.  He answers questions with a nod or a shake and follows directions (that he likes) very well.  Bath time is still his favorite and they have now become showers!  He eats pretty much anything and, if he could, all day!

This little bugger is the apple of our eye and he amazes us each and every day!

He's growing up way too fast!

A favorite spot: the cabinet with the big shiny metal pots

trying out his halloween costume before the day

goofy boy

Successful Superman!

Loves coloring!

breakfast with baby einstein

it's like a swimming pool!

I'm in love with this photo <3

Baby Selfie

Another favorite!

We go thru a lot of paper towels!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Family Photos!

A few weeks ago, we got family photos done (instead of doing just 1st birthday pics).  Mary from Mary Neumann Photography did them and she did GREAT!!!  Take a look!

Thank you, Mary, for doing such an amazing job!