Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eric is 4 months old!

Who knew December would go so fast?! This month flew by but not without some awesome moments from little big man.  Eric never ceases to amaze me and this month he reached several milestones.  Doc said he is thriving and looking great!
{These 4 month pics were taken at 4.5 months}

{weight}: 16 lbs 10 oz (yes, quite a little pudgy one!)

{length}: 26.75 inches (his height makes him not look as porky as he is ;)

{head circumference}: 43.5 cm (again, jolly green giant)
Starting to play with his toys for real!

{sleeping}: he has been sleeping through the night at about 10-11 hours a night for about 4 weeks now and mama and papa are lovin' it! he caught a cold earlier this week so that messed him up a bit but now he's right back on schedule.
such a happy baby in the mornings...

{grabbing}: my hair, his feet, his toys, blankets, you name it, he's grabbing it. and most likely putting it in his mouth. he's so darling, you just can't help but laugh when he grabs you and let's out that precious giggle!
too cute for his own good!

{playing}: his toys are his new favorite things.  he loves playing with the spin ball on his walker and linkies aren't too bad either.
he loves his car!
So ornery!

{eating}: the kid eats like a champ.  he is eating at least 5 oz every 3 hours and even takes a 2 oz snack every now and then.  he helps to hold his bottle now and it's so cute.  i can't wait til he can hold it himself!

Eric's first Thanksgiving!
He made this for us at Miss Cindy's!
mommy took a stab at an impromptu christmas pose!

the little man is growing up so fast, but it is so exciting to see.  new things happen every day and i love watching him grow up.  we're starting solids soon, so look for a post about that.  i'm anticipating some good pics and video!