Sunday, June 2, 2013

28 weeks...THIRD TRIMESTER!!!

It's crazy to look at this one compared to all the rest...that little boy in there is doing some major growing!

how far along? 28 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby? the size of an eggplant and about 15 inches long (head to toe) and 2 and a half pounds! 

heartbeat? my last ultrasound read 153 bpm

total weight gain/loss? I think I'm about 20 total. I'll find out for sure at my appointment on tomorrow.

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes and loving those dresses!

stretch marks? nope.

rings on/off? off and I miss them a lot! (now they hardly fit my pinky!)

innie or outtie? poking out just a tiny little bit on top; I will definitely be an outtie in the next few weeks.

sleep? sleeping is not so great...I can't get comfortable and I get restless legs and cramps in my legs right as I'm trying to fall asleep.  Still getting up to pee at least once a night and obviously tossing and turning because I'm not feeling rested in the mornings.

best moment this week? We went through a fun battle of counter-offers, but....WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!! We are scheduled to settle on June 28 so it's gonna happen fast! We're so excited!

movement? moving around all the time..most movement is either when I'm hungry or right after eating.

food cravings? sticking with ice cold milk...I love it and can't get enough of it!  Panera's tortellini is pretty tasty too! ;)

gender? Little man Eric!

how are you feeling? not too and sweaty and swelling, hormones, and heartburn, but other than that I'd say I'm pretty good.  Ask Ricky, he'll tell you how I really am.

what i miss: Mainly just sleeping on my stomach, chocolate, ketchup and spaghetti and meatballs.

what i'm looking forward to: Ready to move in to our new house, get the nursery started, seeing my mama this week, meeting Eric, going home and being parents! (lots to look forward, I guess!)


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