Saturday, March 2, 2013

15 weeks...

Disclaimer: So we decided to do a bump pic every other week...we always end up forgetting and there isn't much of a difference in the bump in only one week so no bump this week.  They will be on the "even" weeks (16, 18, 20, etc.)

how far along? 15 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby? my book says about the size of an orange.

total weight gain/loss? still only at about 7 pounds; I'm hoping I'm on track with weight gain.  I'll find out on Monday at my next appointment.

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes. Can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear long dresses! :)

stretch marks? not yet.

rings on/off? rings are still on.

innie or outtie? still an innie, but looking kind of funky...definitely a pregnant belly button.

sleep? sleep is kind of maintaining right now...I've managed to fix myself a nice system so I can fall asleep on my left side and I just flip back and forth throughout the night.  I wake up to pee (sometimes twice) so I just switch sides then.

best moment this week? Got to see mama and Scott during their layover at BWI! It was so nice to see her face when she saw the bump.  Loved having dinner with them and hanging out, even if it was for just a short time.  On the flip side, I had a small blood pressure/dizziness scare on Thursday.  Long story short, I got my flu shot on Wednesday and thought I was dizzy as a reaction to that but my doctor said it's natural for my blood pressure to drop during 2nd trimester and I got dizzy and probably had a small panic attack making it spike so quickly.  I took the rest of the day off and rested in bed (per doctor's orders) and went slow on Friday.  I guess it will just take some getting used to.  Keep hydrated and eat my snacks..that's the key according to doc!

movement? nothing yet, but I'm waiting for it ever so impatiently! (I totally thought I felt it move tonight while watching a movie, but it ended up being a yucky gas bubble :(.....)

food cravings? still craving those cheeseburgers (and usually I don't get to fulfill that craving, ugh!) and chocolate.

gender predictions? I really really think it's a boy...I just hope we're able to choose a name for a boy if it is!

how are you feeling? I'd say I'm about a 9.  Feeling good lately other than the dizzy thing.

what i miss: Lately, fast food and sleeping on my stomach.  I officially can't lay on my stomach AT ALL; painful and feels weird.

what i'm looking forward to: I hit the 2nd trimester, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting my energy back.  Only about 2 more weeks and we should find out the gender! Then I can go crazy with nursery planning and the like.  I'll be scheduling my 18 week ultrasound on Monday after my OB appointment...can't wait!!!

Talk to you soon!

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  1. After an exhausting yet exhilarating trip (our best vacation ever), I could barely move or keep my eyes open. I didn't want the week to end, ever. It's an experience that I just can't describe.

    Still, even after that "Rock Boat emotional high", seeing you and Ricky and that beautiful baby bump in the airport just might be the highlight of my week too!! <3