Monday, March 25, 2013

18 weeks....and gender reveal!

We had our 18 week ultrasound on Wednesday! It went really great and was shorter than I expected.  Little baby moved around a lot but is doing great!  We told the tech that we wanted to know the gender so she tried her darnedest to get a good shot, but the baby wasn't very cooperative.  She finally got under the little bum and....tada! There it was!


Isn't Ricky the best photographer in the universe?!

We are so excited and can't wait to get everything in order for our sweet baby boy! (We just have to work on a name...)

Below are some of the ultrasound photos..sorry, no wee-wee photos.  He got camera shy and didn't want to show off anymore.  But he did give a good smile for the camera at one point!


He's already got Daddy's nose!

Waving hello!

how far along? 18 weeks and 6 days.

size of baby? the size of a sweet potato...about 5 inches long and weighs about 7 ounces...a sweet little baby!

heartbeat? my ultrasound read 153 bpm.  Nice and strong!

total weight gain/loss? up right around 9 pounds.

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes. Can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear long dresses! :)

stretch marks? not yet.

rings on/off? rings are still on and getting kinda tight.  (thank you, weight gain!)

innie or outtie? getting flatter everyday.  kinda weird ! :P

sleep? just uncomfortable and switching sides throughout the night.

best moment this week? found out the gender!!! So excited to meet our little baby!

movement? lots of moving around this week.  

food cravings? loving pretty much all food.  I'm starting to be able to eat a little bit of fried food.  I don't indulge too much tho, just in case.

gender predictions? IT'S A BOY!

how are you feeling? Feeling really good.  Dizzy sometimes, but not too bad.  I'd give it about a 9.

what i miss: Mainly just sleeping on my stomach.

what i'm looking forward to: Ready to get started on ideas for the nursery, ready to meet our sweet baby boy and headed home for Easter on March 29th!! Can't wait to see everyone!

Talk to you soon!
Baby Boy

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