Monday, March 11, 2013

16 weeks...

Sorry so late...we're procrastinators around here...

how far along? 16 weeks and 6 days.

size of baby? my book says about the size of an avocado, 4.5 inches long and weighs about 3 ounces...a sweet little baby!

heartbeat? my PA said it was in the 150's...she thinks it's a girl! ;)

total weight gain/loss? I found out at my appointment last Monday that I am gaining just fine! I am up to 143 so that is about 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes. Can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear long dresses! :)

stretch marks? not yet.

rings on/off? rings are still on and getting kinda tight.  (thank you, weight gain!)

innie or outtie? getting flatter everyday.  kinda weird ! :P

sleep? sleep is iffy and probably will be for the next 18 years...I am waking up at around 1 am every night with restless legs and needing to pee.  Thank goodness I have a great hubby to rub my legs in the middle of the night! :)

best moment this week? 1: felt the baby move last week!! It was amazing and so cool! I have been waiting for so long for it and I was teared up and loving it! I can't wait until I can actually watch it move and Ricky can feel it! 2: ultrasound is set for March 20 so we'll find out the gender!!! Excited!!

movement? see above!

food cravings? still craving those cheeseburgers (and usually I don't get to fulfill that craving, ugh!) and chocolate (especially peanut butter filled chocolate).

gender predictions? I really really think it's a boy...I just hope we're able to choose a name for a boy if it is!

how are you feeling? I'd say I'm about a 9.  Feeling good lately and the dizziness stuff isn't too bad lately.  I can't stand up too fast or else I see stars, but other than I'm good!

what i miss: Lately, fast food and sleeping on my stomach.

what i'm looking forward to: I hit the 2nd trimester, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting my energy back.  March 20 is going to be great! I just hope the baby cooperates and we see what we need to see! Headed home for Easter at the end of the month, too!!!

Talk to you soon!

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