Wednesday, March 13, 2013

17 weeks...

how far along? 17 weeks and 1 day.

size of baby? my book says about the size of an onion, 5-6 inches long and weighs about 4 ounces...a sweet little baby!

heartbeat? my PA said it was in the 150's...she thinks it's a girl! ;)

total weight gain/loss? gained another pound this week...right on track according to my book!

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes. Can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear long dresses! :)

stretch marks? not yet.

rings on/off? rings are still on and getting kinda tight.  (thank you, weight gain!)

innie or outtie? getting flatter everyday.  kinda weird ! :P

sleep? sleep is fun...not! uncomfortable, peeing a lot, weird dreams (like the being lost in the city and almost getting mugged in dark alleys while super pregnant).

best moment this week? hmmm...probably the photo we put on to read what people think the gender will be!

movement? so far, only last more movements yet.

food cravings? still craving those cheeseburgers (and usually I don't get to fulfill that craving, ugh!) and chocolate (especially peanut butter filled chocolate) and sometimes potato chips.

gender predictions? starting to think it might be a girl..dunno why, just another feeling.

how are you feeling? Dizzy if I stand up too fast or too long, heartburn is horrible (especially the last 3 days) and I get super tired between 1 and 2 every day.  So I guess about a 7 lately. :(

what i miss: Lately, sleeping on my's the easiest way for me to fall asleep but I can't do it!

what i'm looking forward to: Our March 20 ultrasound is going to be great! I just hope the baby cooperates and we see what we need to see! Headed home for Easter at the end of the month, too!!!

Talk to you soon!

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