Monday, April 22, 2013

22 weeks...

Sorry, no photo this week.  We have been insanely busy and I just realized that it's Monday night! So we'll take a photo for 23 weeks! (You'll get two in a row!)

how far along? 22 weeks and 6 days.

size of baby? the size of a papaya...about 10 inches long and almost a whole pound!!

heartbeat? my last ultrasound read 153 bpm.

total weight gain/loss? I think it's about 16 now.

maternity clothes? yes, yes and yes. 

stretch marks? not yet, but definitely an itchy belly :)

rings on/off? off and I kind of miss them! :(

innie or outtie? poking out just a tiny little bit on top.

sleep? just uncomfortable and switching sides throughout the night; and a stuffy nose at night time and in the mornings.

best moment this week? We're 100.1% sure on the name we chose.  We've been feeling out Eric Scott and it's the one! 

movement? moving around TONS! I can see it now! So funny! Oh and Ricky finally felt him! :)

food cravings? loving pretty much all food, but the heartburn is really crappy!

gender predictions? IT'S A BOY!

how are you feeling? Feeling good and getting bigger every day!

what i miss: Mainly just sleeping on my stomach.

what i'm looking forward to: ready to buy a house, start the nursery, go home again, meet Baby Eric and be parents!

Talk to you soon!
Baby Eric

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