Monday, February 4, 2013

11 weeks...

**Sorry! No bump photo for this week! Time got the best of us! But tomorrow I'll be 12 weeks so I promise a good one!

how far along? 11 weeks and 6 days today!

how are you measuring? right on schedule!

size of baby? my book says about the size of a lime.  

heartbeat? 180 bpm...everything thinks it's a girl because of the high heart rate...we will find out soon! (i think it's a boy! ;)

total weight gain/loss? still only at about 5 pounds.

maternity clothes? i found out this week that it is way more comfortable for me right now to wear clothes that are 1 or 2 sizes up.  those maternity waist bands just aren't comfortable lately.

stretch marks? not yet.

sleep? since my cold is almost gone, sleep has been getting better.  Ricky and I switched sides of the bed so he doesn't roll onto me anymore! So it's getting better!

best moment this week? hmmm...probably my first night of class on Tuesday.  I got to tell everyone there that I "drank the water" and was part of the club now!  Everyone is very excited!

movement? nothing yet.

food cravings? almost every day this week, I had a big bowl of cereal when I got home from work.  No specifics, but just a yummy bowl of cereal.

gender predictions? everyone thinks it's a girl, but i'm still stuck on boy right now.

how are you feeling? pretty good.  had my first emotional mood swing thingy last night.  the last two days were yucky days with some nausea because lunch ended up being nasty.  hopefully, baby will help me pick better options for lunch.   other than that, so far, i love being pregnant!

what i miss: mainly just good sleep.  everything else is just a perk!

what i'm looking forward to: 2nd trimester, more energy, finding out the gender, meeting the baby (i know, it's not for quite some time, but I can't wait!), and going home to show everyone "the bump"!  We're going to Babies R Us for the great trade in....a friend at work gave us her old car seat to trade in for a new one! So we'll be heading there to get our first baby item! :)  I also have my second checkup on Monday, so that will be in my next post...stay tuned!

Talk to you soon!

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