Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eric's Monster Nursery...finally!

Ok, so we are way late on this, but I figured I'd do a post about his cute nursery! We decided on a monster theme and it came out really cute. Take a look!

Ricky painting the walls (mac 'n' cheese and sprinkler)

So cute!

I love the colors! They match the bedding perfectly!

Dresser all done!

All of Eric's stuff ready to be put in its place!
**Disclaimer: This post has been a long time coming, so the photos you are about to see do not resemble the original nursery set up.  Most of it is the same, however, some things have been moved around due to the curiosity of little man and his ability to destroy things in less than 4 seconds.  Enjoy!

Eric photobomb!

hand painted by mommy

changing table with momentos on shelves above.

the infamous bookcase

handmade by mommy

the one on the left was made by someone else (i forget who) and the one on the right was by mommy

handmade by mommy

handmade by mommy

my no-sew DIY blackout chevron curtains!

the mobile that is no more.

This is more of what the nursery looks like these days:

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