Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eric is 9 months old...

OMG, we're almost to a year! Where has the time gone?!  This little bugger is growing way too fast!  So I promised we would take a 9 month photo and we did, however, we just took it yesterday (the 14th), I guess a little bit of slacking on our part ;)

Enjoy! (I don't usually include ALL of the shoot photos, but this time, I just had to!)

helping daddy set up!

my favorite!

um, excuse me!

catch me, mom!

These two were very serendipitous...the camera was sitting on the coffee table and Eric was playing with lens and I just snapped.  So precious!

{weight}: weighing in at a solid 21.9 lbs!

{height}: 30 inches long!

{head circumference}: 48 cm!

This kid is huge!

So he enjoys standing up by himself, attempting to walk (lord, help us when he walks for real!), he shakes his head no, yes and waves hi and bye. He can clap his hands, eats all the time, loves sweet potatoes (still), waffles, and pear juice.  That cheesy smile is our favorite and the baby talk is just plain adorable.  Mama and dada are plain as day now and I think he has begun discriminating between the two for who we are.  Not 100% sure, but close.

He loves being outside and begin on the move, however, the carseat is his least favorite place to be.  Getting in is a pain in the butt for all parties involved, but if you give him a distracter, like my phone, he's good for about 30 seconds.  Same with diaper changes and getting dressed.  Bath time is still a major favorite and he has graduated to the big tub...has been for about a month now.

Enjoy some more from this month!

little ninja stealing remotes!

loves his baby einstein!

trying to steal my phone!

helping with the dishes...

he loves wagon rides...

poor baby needs cuddles when he doesn't feel well....
So he'll be 10 months in less than a week....this is going way too fast....

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