Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just a little update...

So I want to specify what this blog is really going to be.  Since most of you reading this are out-of-town family and friends, it's a way for you to go on this amazing journey of pregnancy with Ricky, baby and I.  This is also a great way for me to journal about the pregnancy and all the fun symptoms and pleasures that I go through along the way.  So if you run into a post that isn't "your cup of tea"...just pass it up and wait for the next "Baby Bump" photo! {I'm working on a project for those!}

So anyway....

January 7 will be our first OB appointment where we will find out how far along I am and all that other good stuff.  I'm really looking forward to that appointment because "being pregnant" hasn't super hit me yet.  The nausea and constant exhaustion is definitely a hint, but I think until I see the ultrasound and hear that 80-100 beats per minute heartbeat, I won't feel pregnant.

Speaking of nausea, the only way I have found to keep it at bay is to keep eating.  Ugh! Which means I'm always stuffing my face.  But fortunately for baby and me, I'm craving all healthy stuff!  Like my new found love of Chobani Greek yogurt! I used to hate yogurt! Like couldn't stand the smell of it! Now I throw some granola on it and yummy!  Fried fast food on the other hand {my used-to-be vice} is downright disgusting!  We stopped at Wendy's {my usual favorite!} on the way back to Baltimore this week and I got my favorite nuggets and fries...only ate 1 nugget and a few fries and thought I would puke!  
So, thanks baby! Mama is excited to eat some yummy healthy foods!

Well, other than some nausea, sleepiness, clothes not fitting right anymore and waking up in the middle of the night to use the potty, everything is going smoothly!

Talk to you again soon!

Baby Fensch

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