Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eric is 13 months and amazing!

Eric is THRIVING! This little man is just plain awesome! He is growing up so fast and he is so freakin cute! He can do so much and I'm so proud of him....

He helps vacuum.
He runs.
He says mama, dada, mommy, daddy, baby, baba (bottle).
He can point to his head when asked.
He knows a cow says moo.
He follows one-step directions (most of the time ;)
He is so independent.
He can "scoot" up and down the steps all by himself.
He sits at his big kid table all by himself.
He drinks from a straw.
He eats big people food all the time.
He dances to pretty everything with music.
He "scolds" the dogs for barking.
He can give himself medicine (he was antibiotics this week and insisted on doing it himself)
He can brush his teeth.
He gets the mail.
He reorganizes the kitchen on a daily basis.
He helps put away groceries and dishes.
He has a girlfriend (the baby at Miss Cindy's).
He has a baby doll that he takes very good care of.
He can {almost} ride his scooter independently.
He's practicing carrying his bucket for trick or treating.
He gives kisses and hugs.

He can melt your heart.

He can change your life.

He has changed mine.

And I love him for it!

Eric, you are my world and I am so happy to be your mommy and watch you grow into an amazing little boy!!

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